About US

How it all started

Our History

Stitches and Screens started in 1978 from the need to get customers their decorated products faster.  Stitches and Screens came from the Kemper Golf Company. Kemper Golf sold wholesale golf supplies and soft goods to golf courses and golf shops across the country.  Stitches and Screens was created to fulfill clients needs for custom logoed shirts, jackets, towels, umbrellas and many more items unique to the golf industry. Over time non golf related companies and contractors who needed bulk wholesale priced decorated garments turned to Stitches and Screens for their high quality and fast turnaround times. 

Today Stitches and Screens has the best equipment available for decorating  your garments.  Baurdan high speed embroidery machines give us the advantage of not just high speed but making your logo as crisp and accurate so it stands out in a crowd. M&R automatic presses continue to amaze us with their dependability, perfect registration and super sharp prints.  You'll see the difference from your first order. 

Our Customers

Bridging the gap between our craft and our customer is the most important part of what we do. We work one on one with each customer to successfully navigate the ins and outs of screen printing and embroidery, elevating your design to everything it can be. Barrel Maker Printing is uniquely positioned to handle both large and small orders, and we are going to stay that way. Whether you need thousands of pieces or 24, you are our best customer, and a partner to achieve the best print possible. We are excited to get your order!